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Vikki's smile was one of her greatest assets until her teeth started breaking. She visited Zboril Dental Center for dental implant treatment and was thrilled when she saw her results. Throughout her dental implant treatment, Dr. Robert Zboril helped her feel comfortable, calm, and confident.

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Vikki: My name is Vikki Mangum, and I am retired. I was a receptionist all my life. My smile was the most important thing that I had to offer. I had broken my tooth off. Then it wasn't long after that a second tooth broke off right in the front, so I was really in a mess. I have never felt so comfortable and calm when I've gone to a dentist. He made sure if I even flinched, he would stop. Really didn't even have to have more medication because I was so calm and relaxed. When Dr. Robert put the implants on my teeth, he said, "I'm going to introduce you to a new lady." He held the mirror up to my face, and I started crying. It was just such an overwhelming sensation. He took my hand and squeezed it, and he said, "I knew you'd do that." Dr. Zboril: When she came to us and we got to meet her, obviously, our primary focus was the tooth that was broken. However, we start with the main primary concern, but we also have to look at everything else. Every tooth relates to every other tooth. The body is a system. During that discovery process, we found that, you know, yes, she had the broken tooth, but there was also another tooth that was at risk. To her, that was extensive. So we ended up doing some sedation for her. We used oral sedation with some nitrous. She slept through the entire procedure. We were able to replace those the same day by placing the implants. Watching that smile on her face . . . She rediscovered herself. It was just absolutely awesome to watch, because her smile was back. So she's able to chew again confidently. She's able to eat whatever she wants. That transformation is why I do what I do. It is changing your life when you're able to chew, and it is changing your life when you're able to smile, and it is changing your life when you have that underlying confidence. It's amazing. Vikki: He just makes everything so easy. And now I am able to smile again, and my confidence is back. I feel like I can be as good of a person that I was before I retired.

Dr. Robert Zboril

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