Good Dental Health Can Improve Your Overall Wellness


The mouth is the gateway to the body and dental health greatly influences overall wellness. When harmful bacteria caused by a tooth infection or gum disease spreads enters the bloodstream, it can put a strain on other systems. Whether you are in good health or struggle with outstanding systemic issues, regular visits to Zboril Dental Center can help you maintain a healthy smile and a healthy body.

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The mouth is the gateway to the body, and it truly is where we set the tone for our overall health. It's where we put all three of the fuels that our body consumes. We breathe through our mouths, we eat through our mouths, and we drink through our mouths. Those are the three fuels that we need to be able to live and to breathe and to function, and our mouth is one of the primary ways that we get the sustenance that we need. And the health of the mouth is extremely important in influencing and contributing to the health of the rest of the body. The same blood that runs past our lungs, our heart, our brains, also runs past our teeth, and it runs through our gums, so our gum health is extremely important. It influences how well our body is able to continue to function and to perform its necessary duties. Our mouths are designed to have healthy bacteria in them. However, if that balance is thrown off, and bad bacteria is able to take hold through periodontal disease, gum disease, or infections due to broken teeth or cavities, that can actually lead to the bacteria from those infections being spread throughout the body. When your body is fighting bacteria all of the time, that means it puts a strain on other systems. Gum health is also influential for women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. It can actually influence the health of the baby. It can affect birth weight. It can affect the ease of the birth, but also, it can be a very high contributing factor to premature births. Patients with cardiovascular disease or diabetes who are perhaps experiencing unsuccessful treatments should consider having their oral health checked. Have an exam. Let's identify as to whether or not periodontal disease may be playing a role in preventing the treatments that you have from being as successful as they could be. Is it going to cure the cardiovascular disease? Is it going to reverse your diabetes? No, but it can sure make treatment for those processes much more successful and a lot easier, and it can actually help to decrease the amount of medication that's required. We encourage anyone who is suffering from cardiovascular disease or from diabetes to come in. We'd love to have a conversation with you so we could help prolong your life and your quality of life.

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