Lupe's Experience Treating Chipped Teeth with Dr. Zboril


Lupe Rendon, III, came to Zboril Dental Center because he was unhappy with the size of his front teeth, which were uneven and nearly invisible due to childhood trauma and years of bruxism. Dr. Robert Zboril restored his entire top and bottom dental arches. Today, Lupe enjoys a natural-looking, complete smile.

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When I was a kid at Catholic school, you know, it was one faucet and everybody would be in line. This was probably when I was fifth grade, fourth, fifth grade. And I was at the front of the line and they had the big metal spouts and the water would come up. And, you know, everybody is in line and somebody hit somebody and somebody, and pow! And broke this tooth in half. And they put the cement on there and did the . . . you know. And that lasted for a while and then they put another one and another one and another one. And then you get older, they start falling off, and then, evidently, I have stress and depression and everything, grinding your teeth. You know, at night, I probably grinded over a quarter of an inch off my teeth. So they were grinded and ragged and pieces from here and pieces from there from different years of cement. I needed work bad. So my friend said, "Well, come over here," and we went over there and, you know, they took care of me and he was a good guy. You know, when I first had it done, all I had was the front two teeth before, so going from two teeth to a whole top and a whole bottom . . . Before, even when he had . . . Dr. Rob told me, he said, "When I talked to you before, I couldn't see your teeth. Now, when I talk to you, I can see your teeth." That's how short my teeth were. I've never seen anything like they got here. You can watch Netflix. This is awesome here.

Dr. Robert Zboril

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