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Traditional dentures can slip out of place, look unnatural, or feel strange when you chew, smile, or speak. If your dentures are affecting your self-confidence or causing discomfort, Dr. Robert Zboril can convert your prosthetics into stable, well-fitting, and natural-looking implant-supported dentures. At Zboril Dental Center, we have many options available including fixed dentures and snap-in dentures to help you fully regain dental function.

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Folks who have existing dentures and they're not happy with them . . . and that could either stem from either the way they look, the way they feel. Primarily though it's their lack of function. They're unable to either chew or smile or speak with the confidence that you really want to have. And so, that starts to reflect of, well, they're not able to eat the foods that they really enjoy. They're not able to go out with friends to a restaurant and have that steak, or smile broadly, or laugh out loud and just really be at ease and not have to constantly think, "Okay, well, I've got to keep my teeth in by holding it in with either my gums or bite it together, keep my lips over it." That's restricting and a lot of patients don't like that. And so, a great option is to use dental implants. Sometimes we can actually use the existing denture that a patient has, and all we have to do is add implants and then connect those together. And the beauty is we have a lot of different options that can go into that. Some patients want their dentures to stay in their mouth all the time. We can make something to where it's actually connected to the implants and it's screwed into the implants to where it doesn't come out, and so your teeth are in your mouth all the time. We've got other folks who they want the freedom to be able to take their dentures out for whatever reason that is. Okay, great. So we can still use implants, but then we change the connection. So now, instead of it being screwed into the implants and physically maintained and retained that way, now we have it to where it's . . . think of it almost like a pearl snap on a shirt. It's almost like a pearl snap button where it clicks in together and clicks out, right? But we have multiple different pearl snaps in that denture and it's holding it in. A lot of patients find that a very attractive option, but really it's mainly being able to take and regain your function. We even have patients that they make the transition where they have existing teeth but they're broken or they have infections or they know that they can't use it anymore. They're not being able to eat or function. And we'll actually transition them from their broken teeth and we can design their future now. You know, with our 3D printing capabilities, we're actually able to make all of our implant surgeries pre-planned, and so I'm able to cut down on the surgery time. So now not only are we able to complete these procedures very, very accurately, but we're also able to do the procedures in a way that's much quicker than other traditional techniques. And by being able to do that, we can cut down on our surgery time. And the beauty and the versatility of implants is that people who . . . let's say they do the snap-ins. They have the pearl snap almost buttons inside their dentures. And they say, "You know what? I don't want to have to do this anymore. I want to leave my teeth in. I want them to be connected so that they feel more like my natural teeth used to feel." You know, we can do that. So even if you have dentures and you commit to a plan, you can always change. We can always make things more versatile. If your experience with your dentures is not meeting your level of expectation and you're not able to chew or not able to function, or maybe you know that dentures are in your future and you'd like to have a conversation about what implants may or may not be able to do for you and how they could improve your quality of life, we'd love to hear from you.

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