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Truck driver Jose Santillan came to Dr. Robert Zboril with missing teeth and a worn smile. Jose used to hide his smile from the world, but full mouth reconstruction treatment at Zboril Dental Center helped him find new confidence. Dr. Zboril used the latest technology to carefully plan Jose's case and help him reach his desired results.

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Jose: I am Jose Santillan. I am a truck driver. I have missing teeth and on one side of my teeth it's kind of wearing out. Every time I eat my mouth hurts. I have been to several doctors, and I don't like the way they were working. We came over here we said this doctor, he's so friendly, make you feel comfortable. He make me be like it used to be before. And with my teeth problem every time I talk, I had to talk like this. I hiding myself. Dr. Zboril: His transformation was really special due to the fact that his entire smile when it changed, he changed. It was really blocking him from getting to live the life that he was wanting to get back to. We were able to take him from where he was to where he wanted to be today, in one day. We used our 3D scans, our X-rays, our iTero scanner. We were able to basically digitally plan his entire case before we ever actually did it. For a while there he had been laid off and he was really concerned trying to get a job again, and having that confidence, having to go interview. He opened up. His posture opens up. You could see his smile in his eyes. If I can show you, this is a model of where you were and then I hand you a model and I say, "This is where we can get you," that's powerful. For him, having that transformation, being able to see what it was going to be before we got to it, that was a big deal, that preview. That gave him the confidence to go forward with it. Jose: I can smile. I'm the same. I can talk to anybody like I used to do before. I took myself picture before they work on my teeth. When he said they are almost done, so I took myself pictures again and it was different. I showed my wife my new smile and she said, "Oh, I love it." Both smiling, I mean, happy.

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