Ben's Dental Crowns Experience at Zboril Dental Center


Ben Speer describes his experience with Dr. Robert Zboril and the entire team at Zboril Dental Center. Ben was surprised to find that there was very little recovery time, especially for the extensive amount of work he underwent. He describes Dr. Zboril not only as a great dentist but also a great individual.

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My wife worked for . . . she's a dental assistant and she worked for him, and that's how I met him. And what he did was he re-capped all of my teeth. Even the ones that had caps on, he took them off and redid them. My lower teeth were so thin that, I mean, if I hadn't had it done, I would have lost the teeth. He worked his magic on it, and now, I'm happy as I can be. So he explained everything to me and, you know, he left the final decision up to me. And that was my decision to go with the numbness, not the sedation. There was hardly any recovery time. It was done so well. You know, it was just a matter of weeks and some of this stuff could be completely healed up. Other than the fact that being a great dentist, he's also a great individual. And that helps a lot when you're having the amount of work that I had done. You're interacting for such a long period of time, and sometimes it was four hours in the chair. And he did a fantastic job.

Dr. Robert Zboril

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